About Us

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The Objects of the Association, as set out in its Constitution, are:

“To advance the education of the general public by encouraging amongst particularly but not exclusively the people of south east England (by which expression is meant the administrative areas of the counties of Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and including the London Postal Districts) awareness , knowledge, understanding, conservation and appreciation of, and participation in, the folk arts to include but without being limited to the arts of traditional music, song, dance, drama, story telling and related folklore and customs which particularly but not exclusively originate in England or which have been brought to England by communities who have settled here”

Services provided by ESSEX FOLK ASSOCIATION include

  • Bands;
  • Performers & callers;
  • Liaison with East Anglian Folk Council;
  • Regional & County Sports & Arts Councils;
  • Publication of EFN Magazine and a related web-site resource.

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