Personal Data Privacy

The EFA does need to hold some personal communication details so that we can contact people and let them know what is happening in the local folk scene. However, we make every effort to ensure that only the minimal amount of required information is kept and we do not pass these details on to other parties without the express permission of the person involved.

If personal details are provided to us as contact details for a club, session, or similar, then we assume that the person providing these details intended for them to be published. So we may make them available, published either online or in efn, our quarterly magazine.

If you are the contact for a club or session and you don’t want to have your personal email address published, consider setting up a new email address which is specific to that club and does not reveal your personal details.
For example, you may contact me as

If you wish to know what details EFA is holding about you, please contact the membership secretary at

Full details of our Privacy Policy, dated June 2019, can be accessed here for viewing or downloading.