Dance Bands

“…Can’t you dance the Polka?”

From ‘New York Girls’ – a traditional Sea Shanty
(Roud no. 486)

The Bands listed below can be booked for functions and events.

Many of the bands can supply a caller to show people how the dances should be performed.

Each of the bands and callers may specialise in a particular style of dance, so for further information please contact them directly.

Bands that can be booked for functions and events:


A band for Ceilidhs, Contra, Playford
(Medieval, Regency, Victorian costume)
01376 584105

The Famous Potatoes

A large & lively band with caller;
for Barn Dances/Ceilidhs, or Folk Clubs
Tel: 07512 064757

Free Range Legs

Barn Dance band with Caller
01245 360082

Grand Reunion

A high-energy Folk-Rock – band for entertainment, functions, gigs, etc.
07741 738915

Hunt The Wren

Band with Caller for all occasions
01255 674889

The Most Unexpected Barn Dance Band

Band for Parties, Barn Dances, Weddings or Ceilidhs
07702 016742

Rackett Companie of Musick

Olde English Folk-Rock/historic folk music for Barn Dances, Functions
01206 384591

St. George Barn Dance Band

Barn Dance Band and Caller for all occasions
01245 257614

Skylarking Ceilidh Band

Band, with Caller
01359 244692

Spring Heel Jacks

Lively Ceilidh/Barn Dance Band, with Caller, for any occasion
01245 467322